Creating your Personal Meeting Programme

Looking forward to the General Assembly starting on 2 May in Vienna, you can create a personal meeting programme at the EGU 2010 website. You need your Copernicus ID to login (its a numerical user name), then you can print, store to later modify or email yourself sessions and presentations of particular interest to you. The search facility will bring up your search term in session titles, abstract titles and the body of abstracts.

Something to note is that the order of items in the list of Programme Groups has changed a little. Information about new events such as Geocinema and Meet EGU are online, and will be highlighted on this blog in the coming days.

By Jennifer Holden


2 Responses to Creating your Personal Meeting Programme

  1. harry says:

    Nice to see here about this.I am also looking for this from a long time.Please tell me more about this that how i can make good personal meeting.

  2. egu2010 says:


    These meetings certainly can be overwhelming with so many different things going on. Hopefully EGU GA participants will continue to leave advice in these blogs on tips for making a fruitful personal meeting, in addition to the EGU 2010 blog master Jennifer Holden and myself leaving other tips.

    Bruce Malamud
    [EGU General Assembly, Programme Chair]

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