Major Events at EGU 2010: Union Sessions

There are six union sessions at this year’s General Assembly:

Monday [Room D, 13:30–15:00]: US2 Large Infrastructures in the Geosciences

Tuesday [Room D, 13:15–15:00]: US5 Early Earth and early biosphere

Wednesday [Room D, 13:30–20:00]: US1 Union Award Presentations and Medal Lectures

Thursday [Room D, 13:30–15:15]: US4 History, culture, art and religion in the geosciences

Friday [Room D, 17:30–18:30]: US6 EGU Keynote Closing Lecture given by Jan Smit on Chicxulub impact

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: US7 Eyjafjallajökull – eruption, plume, and consequences Oral Presentations: Tuesday and Thursday: Room 36, 18:30–20:00; Posters: Wednesday 17:30-19:00.

By Jennifer Holden


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