5 May 2010

Walking around the Poster Halls at the EGU General Assembly 2010, you may have noticed the YSOPP participant label (below) next to some posters. At the division business meetings the YSOPP awardees from the 2009 General Assembly are being presented with their certificates.

Posters displaying the label are entered into the Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper Competition. The general aim of the YSOPP Award is to help to increase the general interest in the poster sessions at the EGU General Assemblies and to enhance their visibility, to further improve the overall quality of poster presentations and most importantly, to foster the excitement of younger scientists in presenting their work in form of a poster.

The awards are presented by the Divisions of the Union, but not all Divisions are presently making this award. The Divisions presenting this award for the EGU General Assembly 2010 are AS, BG, CL, CR, ERE, GMPV, G, GD, GM, HS, IG, MPRG, NH, NP, OS, PS, ST and TS.

Those eligible for this award are masters and PhD students as well as recent graduates (conferral of degree after 01 January of the year preceding the conference, i.e. 2009 for the meeting in 2010) presenting their thesis work provided they are the first author and personally present their poster at the conference.

The awardees of YSOPP have their names published in the EGU newsletter and on the EGU YSOPP web-site where the awardee also gets the opportunity to link his poster. The awardees receive a conference fee waiver for the next EGU General Assembly and are invited to submit a paper to one of the EGU journals.

If you fit the YSOPP criteria and are presenting a poster at EGU GA 2011 please consider entering your poster into the competitions, if you are a supervisor of students that fit the criteria please publicise the YSOPP to them.




Tuesday evening at EGU GA 2010

4 May 2010

In addition to the medal talks and poster authors in attendance during time block 5 (17:30-19:00) several other events are going on this evening at the EGU GA 2010.

Three Townhall Meetings:
TM1 “The International Geosciences Initiative” in Room D, 17:30-19:00.
TM2 “Implementing the INSPIRE European Directive in a geosciences perspective” in Room 6, 19:00-20:00.
TM3 “Joint IODP ICDP Townhall meeting” in Room 1, 19:00-20:00.

There is a special Climate division session CL00 “Trapped gases in ice cores and the carbon cycle : a tribute to Jean-Marc Barnola’s contribution” in Room 15, 18:30-20:10.

A keynote lecture: “Earth Observation from Space” by Robert Meisner in Room 12, 17:30-19:00.

Tuesday at EGU GA 2010

3 May 2010

Special Events at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010 on Tuesday, 4th May include 13 Medal Lectures and a Great Debate. Details can be found on the insert card provided with your name badge or on the EGU GA 2010 website.


Photo Competition at EGU GA 2010

3 May 2010

New to EGU this year is the Photo Competition. There are 11 entries on display in the Crystal Lounge on the First Floor (Green Level). Please vote for your favourite picture by using the voting terminals there. The deadline for voting for your favourite is Thursday, 6 May 2010 at 16:00.

The 11 images are from locations from across the world, across the disciplines represented at the European Geosciences Union. The prize ceremony will be Friday, 7 May during the lunch break (12-13:30) in the Crystal Lounge.

The images will be submitted to Imaggeo, the European Geoscience Union’s online open access geosciences image repository. Please consider submitting your own Geosciences Images to Imaggeo.

By Jennifer Holden

Major Events at EGU 2010: Union Sessions

29 April 2010

There are six union sessions at this year’s General Assembly:

Monday [Room D, 13:30–15:00]: US2 Large Infrastructures in the Geosciences

Tuesday [Room D, 13:15–15:00]: US5 Early Earth and early biosphere

Wednesday [Room D, 13:30–20:00]: US1 Union Award Presentations and Medal Lectures

Thursday [Room D, 13:30–15:15]: US4 History, culture, art and religion in the geosciences

Friday [Room D, 17:30–18:30]: US6 EGU Keynote Closing Lecture given by Jan Smit on Chicxulub impact

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: US7 Eyjafjallajökull – eruption, plume, and consequences Oral Presentations: Tuesday and Thursday: Room 36, 18:30–20:00; Posters: Wednesday 17:30-19:00.

By Jennifer Holden

Presenting at EGU 2010

28 April 2010

Quite a few of the search engine terms that result in people coming to this blog involve presenting at EGU. This post will outline what’s available in the presentation rooms, pointing you to the appropriate pages on the EGU GA 2010 website.

Oral Presentations
The guidelines for oral presentations online. The link includes the equipment available in each room (laptop, beamer, microphone, laser pointer, ability to hook up your own laptop etc.). Oral presentations this year are only in time blocks 1 to 4 and in most cases are 12 minutes long with 3 minutes for questions. Please be in the presentation room in the half hour before the time block starts so your presentation can be uploaded onto the provided laptop or so you can connect your laptop up to the system.

Poster Presentations
There are guidelines available for poster presentations. Posters should be put up between 08:00 and 08:30 in the morning. Tape is available from the student assistants in the halls. You will have been sent your poster location (e.g. XY0439) in an email from EGU and it is listed online in the Session Programme details. You can locate the exact location of your poster using the online floor plans. At the end of each day, the student assistants carefully remove posters and put them in storage bins in the poster halls. These are labelled by day so you can retrieve your poster if you wish. If your poster is participating in the YSOPP, please print and display the YSOPP label and put it up with your poster.

The author in attendance time will have been sent to you. In some divisions this will be time block 5 for all posters, in other divisions it may any of the five time blocks. This year at the General Assembly time block 5 (17:30-19:00) has been reserved solely for posters (except on Friday).

Some sessions may have a poster walk through (in some cases this will be noted in the session details). This is where poster authors have a short amount of time to summarise their poster and find out more about other posters in their session. Other sessions will have a scheduled Poster Summary and Discussion session (a list of them can be found here). These may involve poster summaries and/or discussion points dependent on the session.

Chairpersons and Convenors
Guidelines for Chairpersons and Convernors are available at the EGU website.

Time Blocks
Timetabling at the General Assembly is in five time blocks as follows:
TB1 08:30–10:00
TB2 10:30–12:00
TB3 13:30–15:00
TB4 15:30–17:00
TB5 17:30–19:00

There is free tea and coffee available in the poster halls in the breaks between TB1&TB2 and TB3&TB4.

By Jennifer Holden