EGU GA Blog Roll

The below blogs have authors who will be blogging about the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna in 2010. They are not EGU endorsed blogs, more a resource for participants to know what is around.

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Alex’s Blog by Alex Liberzon
I’m studying fluid mechanics, especially experimentally and with a lot of emphasis on turbulence and multiphase (particles, polymers, colloids) flows. At EGU Alex’s Blog I will be covering news regarding fluid mechanics, clean energy (wind, waves, etc.) that related to fluid mechanics, report on new experimental methods in turbulent research and things related to the scientific research in general.
Crikey Creek by Daniel Collins
Crikey Creek is at the confluence of the water cycle and the media cycle, covering hydrology, water resources, and the intersection of water and society. At EGU Crikey Creek will be blogging on hydrology, with an emphasis on ecohydrology.
Dave’s Landslide Blog by Dave Petley
His blog provides a commentary on landslide events occurring worldwide, including the landslides themselves, latest research, and conferences and meetings. At EGU the blog will be coverning natural hazards, landslides, rockfalls, climate science, disasters, reinsurance, and risk.
Diax’s Rake by Joerg Rings
I mainly blog about Physics and Science, but also about pseudo-Science. I will try to blog about interesting talks and about my general impressions of such a big conference.
EGU Today by Dick van der Wateren
There will be daily columns on “Science under Fire”, press conferences, special events, las minute developments, late-breaking news, and EGU in the media.
————————————————————————————environmentalresearchweb by Liz Kalaugher at the IOP
Launched in February 2007, environmentalresearchweb keeps scientists, policymakers and campaigners up to the minute with the latest news and views on environmental topics from around the globe. The site’s coverage is in depth and wide-ranging, from climate change to biodiversity, from renewable energy to pollution, from economics to environmental legislation, and from health issues to sustainability. We are more of a news site than a blog, but I will be writing news stories from the EGU Assembly about anything in the environmental sciences – most likely climate change, oceanography, renewable energy, atmospheric sciences, cryosphere etc.
The Lisbon Structural Geologist by Filipe Medeiros Rosas
This is an Earth science blog focused on structural geology and tectonics. At EGU topics covered will include Structural Geology and Tectonics, Marine Geology and Seismicity, Numerical and Analogue Modeling. With full attention to: TS9.2/GD2.6 The evolution of structures in the crust: insights from analogue and numerical modeling, SM3.1/GD3.5 The Mediterranean: A complex tectonic boundary, GM10.4/TS4.9 Seafloor expression of tectonic and geomorphic processes, and SM2.7 Seismotectonics: New results and approaches.
The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar by A Life-Long Scholar
This blog discusses topics related to things I learn, both through my geologic research, and through the other lessons that life provides. At EGU 2010 the sessions related to metamorphic petrology, experimental geology and/or tectonics, orogensis or subduction are of particular interest.
Pointing Out by Alexis Vizcaino
This is a personal blog about my scientific progress in the Earth Science topics. My research is in the field of the underwater sedimentary processes for the investigation of climate variation during the Holocene. I will blog about my participation and personal experience in the EGU 2010.
YES Network
This is the YES Network’s central blog. We blog about YES Network activities at conferences, workshops, as well as other topics of geoscience interest. We’re dedicating our current content to YES Network member activities at the EGU meeting. Specifically, we’ll be blogging about YES Network member presentations (oral and poster presentations), the “OneGeology Initiative” Roundtable Symposia, and the “An International Geoscience Initiative” Townhall meeting. We’ll also be blogging more generally about the entire the EGU meeting. There will be several YES Network members who will be blogging through out the conference.


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